Udderly Smooth Udder Cream – A Mosaics Review

You can always tell when winter hits at my house: thermostat goes up, thicker clothes go on and my usually soft skin suddenly resembles an alligator. Between my husband and youngest child having bouts with eczema and other dry skin issues as well as my own winter crocodile coat, we are some lotion lovin’ folks … Read more

HelloFresh! – A Mosaics Review

Hello readers! Time for a new Foodie Friday! Today, I want to tell you about a great service I recently had an opportunity to try out in my partnership with Mosaic Reviews.  HelloFresh delivers fresh foods to your door, ready to cook into meals. Located in the Northeast and delivering to areas in 30 states, HelloFresh … Read more

Math Mammoth – A Mosaics Review

According to FTC guidelines, I need to inform you upfront that the following is a product review. I received the product in exchange for a honest review. The opinions and experiences using this product are entirely my own. Your usage and experience may differ. This month, in partnership with Mosaic Reviews, we were able to … Read more

The Classical Historian – A Mosaics Review

In our house, the favorite subject for all of us is History. We love History; we watch documentaries or tv shows that take place in different eras, we read a lot of historical fiction and non-fiction and we take trips to historical places. One quote I have said to my kids often that gets repeated … Read more

My Home School Grades – A Mosaic Review

Today in my county, it is the last day of school for kids in public school. After swim team practice last night, my 13 year old daughter, who is commonly referred to as Bug, excitedly announced to me that school was over for her today, too. Her hopes were slightly dashed when I told her … Read more