Firework photography link up

Today on Homeschool Mosaics, I share how to get the best firework photography. We are discussing camera settings and other tips and tricks to getting that perfect shot. You can link up here: and be sure to come back and share your great holiday shots with me! I hope you all have a safe and happy … Read more

My Home School Grades – A Mosaic Review

Today in my county, it is the last day of school for kids in public school. After swim team practice last night, my 13 year old daughter, who is commonly referred to as Bug, excitedly announced to me that school was over for her today, too. Her hopes were slightly dashed when I told her … Read more

Saving Memories Forever App Review

Save your family stories with Saving Memories Forever Have you ever been visiting with older family members and while listening to them talk about their youth, war stories or tales about their older relatives, you think to yourself “I really should be recording this!”? Here in the South, events revolve around food. Family reunions, holidays, barbecues and low-country … Read more

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner System by Apologia Press Review

I love calendars and planners. Every year I get a little too excited in finding my new planner, trekking from book stores to school and office supply stores in search of The Perfect One. What is perfect for me? Space to detail daily life, appointments, jot down menus, how much I spent and now, our Homeschool schedule. … Read more

My Blog Planner Review

Life is so hectic sometimes. Isn’t it funny how you can go for what seems like ages with nothing significant (or what we feel is significant) happening, then all of the sudden….BAM!! Tidal wave of changes and growth. Some new growth of my own has been to be selected to join HomeSchool Mosaics‘ new review team on Mosaic Reviews as … Read more