Back to School for Homeschoolers, too!

The sun is beaming, the birds are singing and the cicadas are humming. It is a hot summer day and the kids may be driving you nuts by now. You glance at the calendar and feel a moment of joy, because the first day of school is just around the corner! That’s right! It is Back to School time! Time for the buying of the supplies, the juggling of the dollars and the pleading with your child to ‘just try it on!’ outside a Target dressing room. Aren’t we all just so excited?!

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Math Mammoth – A Mosaics Review

According to FTC guidelines, I need to inform you upfront that the following is a product review. I received the product in exchange for a honest review. The opinions and experiences using this product are entirely my own. Your usage and experience may differ. This month, in partnership with Mosaic Reviews, we were able to … Read more

The Classical Historian – A Mosaics Review

In our house, the favorite subject for all of us is History. We love History; we watch documentaries or tv shows that take place in different eras, we read a lot of historical fiction and non-fiction and we take trips to historical places. One quote I have said to my kids often that gets repeated … Read more

The countdown is on!

The Ultimate Field Trip – where homeschoolers from around the country meet up & roam The World… Walt Disney World!  Bug and I at UFT 2012 In 111 days I will be checking in to Walt Disney World for The Ultimate Field Trip. The Ultimate Field Trip is an awesome time for homeschoolers across the country … Read more