What the F?! Fall Family fun at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness

It’s Friday!! A wonderful, fabulous Friday before the Fourth and according to the countdown calendar on my phone, my next Walt Disney World trip begins in 90 days! 90! A probation period on a new job. The amount of time you have to return something to a store. NINETY DAYS and we’ll be in our … Read more

Races, Disney and aliens, oh my! A 3 Things Thursday post

Hello, hello!! Long time no see, I know. I bet you thought I had been taken hostage by aliens due to my lack of posts lately, and while I haven’t been, I kinda have been at the same time. More on that later. First, let’s get back to introductions. Today I am linking up again … Read more

Second installment of Arrival/First full day update

Originally Posted by Born 2 Fish  Very cool pics and report, “next morning”,,,?,,Thank you…you know I am enjoying your live report so much, it is making me more encouraged to do mine and not be in the post-Disney funk. Yes, yes…right away. Coming up right now!  So, the next morning, we wake up and get moving … Read more

Arrival day at The Fort

Time for another addition to the Mother/Daughter Take The World trip report. Today’s edition: Arrival!  Due to the fact that I have been more than a little sick the past few days, I am once again re-posting my report from the message board I post on. Hopefully within the next 24-36 hours the brain boring … Read more

I don’t need the Hilton to be happy

“God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.”~Author unknown, commonly attributed to Martin Luther I love nature. I love connecting with Mother Earth, Gaia.; with all that my Father God created and shared with us to marvel at. Nature is beautiful. Awe-inspiring, breath-taking. It is … Read more