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Game night for adults – Shit Happens! A review. 

According to the FTC, I need to let you know that the following is a sponsored review, meaning I was given product (Shit Happens Card Game) or may receive compensation for giving this review. This post was sponsored by Goliath Games. All experience with the product and opinions are my own. Now that that is said, remember, if I am reviewing it to share with you, then I am going to be sincere about my experience and why I think you should, or shouldn’t, try this product out.
Second disclaimer, and this one’s from me: This game contains curse words and discussion of adult situations. No, definitely not in-depth talk of that! But if the title of the game offends you, you may not want to read any further. For me personally, I am glad Jesus still loves me, even though I may at times have a mouth like a sailor. 

A few weeks back, we had a wonderful winter weather event here in metro Atlanta.

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