All hail the Queen! About the Peachy Highness

The Peachy Queen
The Peachy Queen

Hi y’all! I am Charlotte Dawn, your Peachy Queen and I want to issue you a warm welcome to my Peachy Queendom, where life’s Just Peachy Keen!  Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes, I know it’s corny, but I may as well be the Queen of Corn, too, because I am one corny, goofy gal! Life IS peachy keen! Of course not every moment is perfect, even peaches have pits, but life is a gift, happiness is a choice and my choice is that everything is Just Peachy!

Often referred to as Delta Dawn by my grandfather as a child, I am no faded rose from days gone by, but more of a modern Southern Belle with just enough old-fashioned-ness for good behavior.  A native Georgian living among thousands of transplants in the suburbs of Metro Atlanta, the capital of the new South, I try to hold on to some of the traditions of a the past while embracing the present.

Throughout my adulthood, I have worked as an R.N., specializing in infectious diseases; as a Legal Nurse Consultant, tackling wrongful death, medical malpractice and personal injury in the legal setting; but also as a retail manager, newspaper contributor and ghost writer for romance novels. I am a daughter, a sister. An aunt, and now someone’s DeeDee.

Even though I am those other things, what you need to know most about me is that I am a mom and being a mom is the greatest job I have ever been given. You may think, “So what? I’m a mom, too. That doesn’t mean she can relate to what I am going through or dealing with in my life.” And that’s where I say, “Try me.”

In my many years of motherhood, I have worn so many different hats. I was the teen mom. The college mom. The poor mom, the mom who needed assistance to get by. I became a single mom, then a blended family mom. I grew into a working, career mom (over 15 years as a Legal Nurse Consultant) and then a Stay-at-Home mom (trying to figure out my kids, myself and what to fix for dinner). I’ve been the volunteer for everything mom, and the mom who overextended herself to the point of exhaustion. I have been the room mom, the Girl Scout mom, the field trip mom, the cool mom. I became the homeschool mom, even after I said I would never be her (I was probably driving the minivan I said I would never drive at the time those words came from my mouth!). I’ve been the mom that listened to someone else’s kids as they cried on my shoulder, and I have been the safe place for them to fall. I have been the football mom, the cheer mom, the dance mom. I have also been the very sick mom. The bald mom. The mom they thought they were losing. I am the fighter mom. The survivor mom. The mom that will never give up.

East Cobb Mother of the Year 2008
East Cobb Mother of the Year 2008

All those titles earned me my proudest one where my metro Atlanta community named me Mother of the Year. Then the most amazing thing happened, these kids grew up and gave me new titles. One made me a grandmother, one is making me proud as she gets through college on the Presidential Honor Roll and my baby is no longer a baby, but ready for dual-enrollment as a homeschooling high-schooler about to take on college. (Soon my title will be Empty Nester! Eeek!)

I love my life of family and friends. Travel and trying new things. The world has changed a lot, but I change with it. Faith keeps me strong, humor keeps me going.

This blog reflects a southern mom’s lifestyle with product reviews, recipes and healthy living, inspirational thoughts, tips on marriage, parenting, co-parenting, homeschooling, and household help. I get by with a lot of coffee, liberal doses of Disney magic, great snorts of laughter and my pets.

You can reach me at and don’t forget to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat.