Is a Beaches Resort vacation right for your next family vacation? Find out here. - Just Peachy Keen with The Peachy Queen

Why Beaches Resorts may not be right for your next family vacation.

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Is a Beaches Resort vacation right for your next family vacation? Find out here. - Just Peachy Keen with The Peachy Queen
Is a Beaches Resort vacation right for your next family vacation? Find out here.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already Back-To-School season, it seems like summer break has only just begun, but school time it is and the start of school has me, and maybe you, too, thinking ahead to those wonderful school breaks. You know the ones, they come just when you think if you have to meet the bus at 6:42 a.m. one more morning, you may snap like the lead in those dollar store pencils.

School breaks are fantastic, and with more and more school districts going the way of balanced calendars, you may now have a few more breaks spread throughout your year. Often, those breaks come in low travel seasons, meaning you can save money on some great destinations.

Beaches may not be the right vacation for your family. Here's 5 reasons why - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen
Giant Beaches lounger can only mean one thing: giant fun.

A favorite destination of mine is Beaches – Resorts for everyone by Sandals. Beaches is amazing and it is no wonder that it has been named the World’s Leading All-Inclusive Resort in the family category for the past 19 years! No other all-inclusive resort comes close!

During fall break last year, I spent my time as a Beaches Mom at Social Media on the Sand, a social media conference at Beaches Negril, Jamaica, and in that time I came to the conclusion of some things  regarding this destination that may not be right for your family.

5 reasons why Beaches Resorts may not be the right location for your next family vacation

    1. Your family doesn’t like exotic locales.

      Beaches Resorts, as its name implies, is located on the beach. A beach on an island. Imagine: palm trees, blue seas. Each of the resorts is located on a Caribbean island, amidst beautiful settings located right on the water.  The landscaping is gorgeous, and provides habitat for many native species. The sound of the frogs at night are amazing! If you don’t like the sounds of nature among stunning scenery, then this may not be the place for you.

      2. Your family doesn’t like food.

      Good food goes with the good times at Beaches Negril, Jamaica. -
      If you don’t like to eat well, Beaches may not be the resort for you.

      Beaches Resorts are all-inclusive. Let’s say that again: ALL INCLUSIVE. That means foods and drinks are included. Not just any foods, but ALL THE FOODS! And don’t forget drinks. Like, adult drinks. Yep. Included!  (And it’s the good stuff, too!)

      Each of the resorts has an array of restaurant and dining choices, with up to 19 restaurants at one resort! Food for the adventurous eaters in your family, food for the chicken fingers and fries only kid, food for you and your date. Date? Did I say date? Yes, because at Beaches Resorts, you and your partner can actually have a date night because of the amazing kids clubs or private nanny options and with so many restaurant choices, you can still enjoy a family dinner as a family, before the adults have their night.  If your family doesn’t like to eat, then this may not be your kind of place.

      3. Your family doesn’t like excellent service.

      At Beaches Resort, you have your own room butler that takes care of your every need. On the first evening of my stay during my last trip, my butler checked in with me to see if there was anything I needed. I didn’t and thanked him, and mentioned that he could take the sodas out of my room’s fridge because I only drank ginger-ale when I drink soda. I didn’t think anything about it but imagine my surprise to open my fridge later for a bottle of water and find it stocked full of ginger-ale! I didn’t even ask yet I received!

      All interactions with staff were most enjoyable. Their customer service skills are top-notch, but they also take pride in welcoming you to their island home. They are our hosts and do it so very well. If you don’t want to be treated like an esteemed and valued guest on your trip then this definitely isn’t the place for you.

      A Beaches resort vacation gives you many chances to unwind. - Just Peachy Keen with The Peachy Queen
      This looks perfect, unless you don’t like to relax.


      4. You don’t like to relax.

      Beaches. Sands. Spas. Kids at the water park, the kids club, or just happily building sand castles while you lounge under an umbrella, sipping the bartender’s favorite cocktail. From beach-side lounging to disconnecting from electronics with relaxing games of giant chess or mini-golf, there are so many ways to unwind. If taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life isn’t for you, this vacation may not be either.

      And the most important reason why Beaches Resorts may not be for you,

      5. Having fun isn’t fun.

You never know what you'll find hanging around the next corner at Beaches Negril. - Just Peachy Keen with The Peachy Queen

When you vacation at Beaches Resorts, there is one guarantee for certain: You are going to have fun!

Beginning at check-in, to the first time you see a Sesame Street Character interacting with a child (or child-at-heart), to checking out the water park, heading down the slide. trying your hand at all the included water-sports, the pools, the entertainment, the activities and so much more, there will be fun!  Because there are so many things to do, Beaches is truly a multi-generational type of vacation; there is something for everyone! If your family isn’t down with fun, you may just have to stay away.

If this list of 5 give you just the right reasons you may not like a Beaches Resort vacation, hopefully I have saved you some time. But, if instead these reasons sound exactly like why you will have the time of your life at Beaches Resorts, I am saving you some time, too! Click HERE to immediately begin checking out the current offers and plan your perfect family vacation.

No matter which of their resorts you choose for your stay, Beaches Resorts really are perfect for your next family vacation. With all that is included, you can have the number one thing needed for a successful school break:

At Beaches Negril, there's time to stop and admire the flowers. - Just Peachy Keen with The Peachy Queen

Peace of mind.

Find peace at Beaches. Tell them I sent ya!


Charlotte Dawn