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Game night for adults – Shit Happens! A review. 

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According to the FTC, I need to let you know that the following is a sponsored review, meaning I was given product (Shit Happens Card Game) or may receive compensation for giving this review. This post was sponsored by Goliath Games. All experience with the product and opinions are my own. Now that that is said, remember, if I am reviewing it to share with you, then I am going to be sincere about my experience and why I think you should, or shouldn’t, try this product out.
Second disclaimer, and this one’s from me: This game contains curse words and discussion of adult situations. No, definitely not in-depth talk of that! But if the title of the game offends you, you may not want to read any further. For me personally, I am glad Jesus still loves me, even though I may at times have a mouth like a sailor. 

A few weeks back, we had a wonderful winter weather event here in metro Atlanta. If you are not from the south you do not understand how impacted our region gets when we have a few inches of ice or snow. Or maybe you do know what it’s like and have seen videos of one of our weather events where thousands of Atlantans were stranded on the highway for days and days because of ice. This wouldn’t be so funny if it wasn’t so true.

Since we don’t want a repeat of the weather event from a few years ago when my son was one of the thousands stuck on I-75 coming out of Atlanta for 28 hours, we make sure now that we are all in a safe place and it just so happened that everyone was at home when we were iced in a few weekends ago. Now that my two oldest are adults and living their own lives with college and work, and my youngest is a social butterfly, having weekends where everyone is at home together is one of the best gifts my family can give me. I was so excited for our lock-in!

Game time!

We did nothing but eat good food, sit by the fire, watch movies (and football!) and play games. We played a lot of games! The problem, and although it wasn’t really a problem but something we observed, is that all the games we were playing are still our kid games. You know the ones, like Scene It, Cranium, Apples to Apples or Clue. Even though we enjoyed those games, we laughed at ourselves quite a few times for being so vanilla and playing our kiddy games.

Fast forward two weeks and in the mail I get a new game for us to review. Lo and behold, it’s an adult game! I was super excited to open the box and find a new card game, Shit Happens! I had heard about similar games like Cards against Humanity and was excited to try out this new game.

 Shit HappensShit Happens! An Adult Card Game review. - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen |, by Goliath Games, is a 200 deck card game for 2 or more players. It is labeled as an 18 & up game and once you open up the cards and read some of the tales of woe, you totally understand why. There are some adult situations (and language) that you just don’t want, or need, to discuss with your middle-schooler. Yes, I know we all have children of different levels of maturity, and if you want to talk about condoms, prostitutes and sex with your parents then by all means this game is for you. Otherwise, save it for ADULT TIME (something we all need).

The premise is simple, start with 3 cards and try to get 10 to complete a Lane of Pain. Each card has a shitty situation, an illustration and then the Misery Index Number. Cards are lain face up in front of you and ranked in order of their Misery Index. When it is your turn, you are trying to earn the card from the draw pile by guessing where it ranks in the Misery Index between your other cards. If you guess correctly you get to keep the card and add it to your Lane of Pain. If not, no card for you! Even better, (or not!), the other players can then try to steal the card and add it to their Lane. (How shitty!) The first player with 10 cards wins and becomes the King (or Queen!) of Shit Mountain.

I am the Queen!

Shit Happens, an adult card game review. - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen |
The Queen’s hand. Funny, not funny.
Shit Happens, an adult card game review. - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen |
One of those shitty things that have actually happened. Except it was a cat. (Does that increase the Misery Index number?)

After playing this a few times, I have to say that this game is a riot! It seems like every card prompts a story from someone around the table and laughter ensues. It is also great to see how we see many of life’s hiccups as bigger issues than what they are. My dog escaping from the fence and then getting lost? Not as shitty as I thought. Definitely not as shitty as being mistakenly deported. Ahhh…perspective. Never thought I’d get that from a card game!

If you are looking for something fun and new to add to your adult time, then you should grab up one of these card games. You can get it right HERE on Amazon and have it for your next game night.

Like I said earlier, this IS an adult game. Only you can decide if your teenagers are mature enough to talk about the situations presented on these cards. My youngest is almost 17. She is very mature, she has seen some things in life that require maturity, including witnessing the birth of her niece, but even with that, I feel there were some cards that were not yet appropriate for her. That is a choice I make as a parent. You have to make your own choice regarding that, too.

For now, this is a game I will play with my adult kids, my girlfriends, my husband and our friends. With the past year of stress we have had, this kind of game came along just at the right time for us, because let’s face it…

Shit Happens…

Play anyway!!

Charlotte Dawn

An adult card game review. - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen |
It happens…play anyway.