5 Ways Putting Together a Puzzle Can Help You Put Your Own Life Back Together – Hallmark Puzzle Giveaway

5 Ways Putting Together a Puzzle Can Help You Put Your Own Life Back Together – Hallmark Puzzle Giveaway

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I received the following product for free from Hallmark in order to facilitate a review and host a giveaway. My opinions are my own, the puzzle will be from Hallmark and design is up to them. Your chance to enter to win is below! 

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I spent almost the entire month of January locked away, hidden in my tower, mourning the loss of my adopted Mom, and just trying to hold on to myself and not get lost in the abyss of depression.

Hallmark Puzzle - Tropical Wonders
Hallmark Puzzle – Tropical Wonders

It was perfect that during this time of darkness, Hallmark sent me a puzzle to review from their new collection. (Have I mentioned how happy I am to be a Hallmark blogger?!)

I love puzzles, and love them for so many different reasons. Mainly though, for years Mom would have a puzzle going almost all the time on the dining room table, where she would work on it during her down time. Family members would come in and out of the house and so many times, would end up at the table with her putting together a giant puzzle, laughing and talking and just being in the moment. What a good memory that was and one that I wanted to recreate in my own home. I just knew putting together this puzzle would help my grief as well as help me feel closer to her again.

I was given the choice of preferred puzzle from a collection of beautiful puzzles in different sizes and themes, and was very happy that my number one choice, Tropical Wonders, showed up at my door. The colors were bright and vivid, and I really like the matte finish. At 1000 pieces, this was just the perfect size for the coffee table in my family room (where I had been binging on old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy) and so I began. What happened though during this puzzle building process though, was some life lessons I received while piecing it together. Each stage gave me a new perspective, deeper insight into what I was dealing with at the moment, and life in general. And so, I give you

Five Ways Putting Together a Puzzle Can Help You Put Your Own Life Back Together

  1. Break it down into what you can handle – I always start with the border when I am doing a puzzle. I gather all my end pieces, form my border and then start working in from there. Once I have my border completed, I will often go to the next biggest item in the pattern, or the pattern that is least like the others because those pieces stand out. It is this way in grief, in mourning, in life. Break it down to what you can handle RIGHT NOW. Don’t try to do more than you can do, because it only causes confusion and stress. Deal with what you can deal with until you can deal with more.
  2. It’s okay to put it away until you are ready to deal with it – Because of where I was putting the puzzle together, I was constantly being interupted by one thing or another. The puzzle was also in danger a few times; from the dogs, from the grandbaby’s precious little toddler hands. In order to save the puzzle and my sanity, I had to put it away until I could really focus on it and deal with it. Just like life things. I am not saying to shelve your problems permanently, everything must be dealt with in order for us to grow and move on, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. Do it in your time so that you may focus on it and give it the attention it deserves.Hallmark Puzzle Giveaway
  3. Don’t force something to fit that doesn’t – The best puzzles are tricky. Similar patterns, colors, even cuts on the pieces can be almost the same. If you are like me, there have been times when you have been piecing together a puzzle and put a piece in to only later find that it wasn’t right at all. It looked right, it almost fit right, but you forced it in and now when you look at it, you realize it was wrong after all. When we force things, no matter how perfect they may seem in the beginning, we realize sooner or later that it just isn’t working. Whatever it is that you are forcing to fit in your life, it is wrong. We don’t have to force the right things, they just fit.
  4. Take your time – There is no rush. Go as slow as you like. Sit up all night and do as much as you want. It is your time. Your puzzle. Your life. Savor it. Relish it. Live it fully and completely and in your own time. 
  5. Don’t forget to Look at the Big Picture – I always leave the puzzle picture right by the half of the box that has all the pieces so I can refer back to it as needed. Sometimes I get so focused on one pattern that I have to quit digging through the pieces and look at the big
    picture to regroup myself.

    Pieced together, all parts complete The Big Picture

    In life, we must look at the big picture. Who we are. Where we are going. What we are doing. When we get so bogged down with the individual pieces of our lives, we forget what our big picture is. We aren’t just this job or that family member. We are THE BIG PICTURE of our own lives. It is okay to work on the sections of your life, but when you don’t link them to the big picture of all that you are, you are disjointed and unwhole. It is up to you to find the pattern in your life and link all your sections together, creating your own big picture. When we take the time we need, our own quality assurance levels soar. 20160116_143307
    Now it is time for you to win your own puzzle from Hallmark!

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Thanks so much for reading! See ya next time!

Your Peachy Queen,

Charlotte Dawn