What the F?! Fall Family fun at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness

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It’s Friday!! A wonderful, fabulous Friday before the Fourth and according to the countdown calendar on my phone, my next Walt Disney World trip begins in 90 days! 90! A probation period on a new job. The amount of time you have to return something to a store. NINETY DAYS and we’ll be in our happy place!

Welcome Home!!

Today the Fs are popping up everywhere, and so on this Fantastic Friday before the Fourth. I am going to share a few more F words with you regarding the reasons I am so excited.

First and foremost, my excitement stems from the big F word. Yep…FAMILY!! Not only will my girls be with me (as is our custom for our Fall trip), my son, his girlfriend and the baby are coming, too! Yes, baby girl is having her First trip to a Disney resort!! If the stars align in the right way, hubby will also be coming for a Few days, for his First trip since the late 70s! My, how things have changed since then! In addition to all my Family, I am also excited that a few of my Friends, my Sole Sisters, will be joining for a couple of days to take part in some Fun events.

Since the entire Family will be together, we want to stay together as well and didn’t want to be spread out in a resort, since connecting rooms are never guaranteed. While there are plenty of places off property, we are drinkers of the kool-aid and love the experience you get by the immersion of being on property, so off-site is not for us. The villas in the various DVC (Disney Vacation Club) are wonderful, but more costly than what we want to spend this trip and the cabins at Fort Wilderness are not quite big enough for everyone. So what does one do when they want a place big enough for everyone, they want to stay on propery AND they have a budget? They rent a camper and stay at Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, of course!

Our spacious spot in 2014

That’s right! For the second year in a row, our Fort Wilderness trip will be suited up with a great camper from Florida Camper Rentals. Last year, my girls and my Sole Sisters rented a large 5th wheel for our October trip. It was a busy trip, packed full of things to do, like the Tower of Terror 10 Miler race by runDisney, and so we wanted to be together, but we wanted comfort and to also be in close proximity to Magic Kingdom.  Since my Sisters had never stayed at The Fort before, and weren’t too keen on actually tenting it, a camper rental came to mind and we are so glad it did!

For the 2nd time, our HOME for our trip!

I had checked out multiple camper rental companies that service Fort Wilderness, but decided upon FCR due to the wonderful reviews online and the immediate customer service I received from the owner, William, when I sent my original inquiry. With a nice sized fleet of campers, I found exactly what I was looking for and at a wonderful price. Check in at the Fort was a breeze, and within an hour of checking in, William and his cute little helper (his son) had our 5th wheel set up with cold a/c blowing. When something comes together as nicely as this did, it is the logical thing to do to go that route again! I am pretty excited that we were able to secure the same 5th wheel as we did last year, and so my family and friends will be comfortable and happy with our spacious accommodations.

Plenty of Living Room space for Treat Time!

One reason we love Fort Wilderness so much is its close location to Magic Kingdom, as well as the Magic Kingdom resorts and the monorail. While you do have to take a boat to get to the monorail, it always makes for a lovely little ride over to EPCOT from the Magic Kingdom area. Other than the regular reasons we love to be close to Magic Kingdom (duh, it’s THE Magic Kingdom!), when there are events going on at that theme park, being close is helpful. During our trip, we have so many events to look forward to, and that brings me to the 2nd F word of the day….FUN!

Fall is my absolute favorite time to visit Walt Disney World Resorts, not only because the temperatures have cooled down a bit, but because of all the Fun events going on. You can’t think about autumn at WDW without thinking about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. Happening multiple times throughout the fall, the party is a separate, hard ticket event, which means that your regular tickets or Annual Pass do not get you into the party. I often get asked if these extra events are worth it, and my reply is “If dressing up in costume, trick or treating around the Magic Kingdom, interacting with many characters, including some rare characters, and seeing special parades and fireworks sounds good to you, then yes, it is VERY worth it.” And I mean it, because well… this….

Silly Selfies


Sister Love

and this….

‘Elsa’ gets a frozen treat
Drop in guests
Sole Sisters
Dancin’ with the Guv’ner

The other event that is synonymous with fall at Walt Disney World is another F word. F is for FOOD and FESTIVAL! EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival, happens every Fall, with this year being the 20th anniversary, and is a big draw for my Foodie Family, and the number one reason I am going to be able to get my wannabe Masterchef husband to finally come along. We love all the different food booths, the classes and tasting experiences and more. (And yes, I love the wine, drinks and mixology sessions just as much!) I will write more specifically about the Food & Wine Festival as it gets closer, but a great resource for all about this event is not only the official page from Walt Disney World, but also the Disney Food Blog, where they provide a plethora of information!

A few more awesome events going on during our trip include the 1st Annual Disney Nerds F&W Half Samplethon. This is a meet-up event with the Disney Nerds Podcast Folks where we eat, drink and laugh our way around the World Showcase, while taking in a concert and the nighttime show, Illuminations (my favorite!) and then the next day, we have Dapper Day! Dapper Day is this awesome event where everyone dresses in snazzy clothes and ‘Steps out in Style’ while meeting up with others at the chosen park for the event (this year it is Hollywood Studios!). Also during this trip, we will have a Family Favorite and take part once again in Homeschool Days! Now called Student Seminars, we have been participating in the Youth Education Series for the past 5 years and love it! This year’s event takes place in Animal Kingdom and is focused on monkeys, as a tie in to this year’s DisneyNature film release, Monkey Kingdom. Since my family is just a bunch of baboons, this fits right up our alley! 😉

So we have Family and Friends, Firsts, the Fort, Fall, Fun Festivities, Fabulous Food. That’s a whole lot of Fs on this Fabulous Friday before the Fourth. Well, that is just FANTASMIC! Now you can see why I am just tickled Fushia for these next 90 days to Fast Foward! 😉

Thanks for reading, and join me next time as I break down some individual topics and give you my tips for enjoying these great events as you plan your own Fall trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

Have a great holiday weekend!

☮ ♥ °o°