Well, hello 2015!

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Ah, the first full week of 2015. Most of us are back to our regular routines and have picked up where Christmas vacation left us off. For me, the excitement of a new year surges me with great energy. I feel more creative, more inspired, more resolved to tackle new things and tidy up that which has been left behind (like the giant stack of mail, packages and papers of life we seem to accumulate that is hiding in a corner of my office even now as I type).

For me, my first focus is back to writing. Back to doing what I know deep in my heart I do best. 2014 and its quietness has ended, 2015 and a cacophony of thoughts and ideas have began.

The blog is finally, FINALLY going to get a ‘Big Girl Blog’ makeover. It’s hard to believe I started this blog five years ago THIS WEEK with this as my very first post and this as my second, both written in one day! Boy, I started strong! 😉 (joking of course!). The blog has grown and changed a lot over that time. What began as popcorn thoughts mixed with words of inspiration with no clear direction is finally coming into her own. Still popcorn thoughts and inspiration, but now it’s more with reviews, recipes, homeschool, Disney and family life talk and will continue to grow as I add even more content. 2013 was a good content year. 2014 was not. 2015 is going to blow your socks off!

First sock…name change! Goodbye to the long, drawn-out title on the blog, time to stream line and we are going to K.I.S.S. and make up! Delta Dawn will still be around, but the new name when the new design hits will be Camera Girl on the Go! You may ask, “Where does Camera Girl come from? And girl?! She’s a grandma, she’s no girl!” and my response is two-fold. Several years ago while shooting a women’s fly-fishing event, a woman several years my senior referred to me to someone else as ‘that girl with the camera’. Since that time I have been called the girl with the camera no less than a dozen times, most often like, “Hey, see if that girl with the camera will take our picture for us.” (I always do.) 🙂 The second part of my response is this, I am always a girl at heart. I believe in magic and happiness and true love. Life may have matured me but my heart will forever be young. So there you have it, Camera Girl on the Go!

Second sock…VLOGGING! Video blogging, because sometimes a video is just better! Camera Girl on the Go now has a YouTube channel (and although I have worked all day on it, still no direct URL for you to bookmark yet but that is coming ASAP!). I will share travel videos (especially Disney travel!), recipes, tips, tricks and product reviews along with whatever strikes me as recordable along the way. I hope you’ll follow along!

Since your socks are now off, take a look at my first video on the new YouTube channel which was also my first ride through of the newest coaster at Walt Disney World Resort, the Magic Kingdom’s Seven Dwarf Mine Train. Since we are in for a ride this year, and I often refer to my life as a crazy, awesome roller coaster, I couldn’t think of a better way to start us off!

A second video is from Disney’s Photopass. They shot it and put it together and we found it on our Memory Maker after our trip. Yep, that’s me in the matching shirt with my daughters and Sole Sisters, holding the camera!

There’s lots more coming this new year, including, finally…GIVEAWAYS! Yes, prizes. Goodies. Swag! I’ll be also linking up with more fellow bloggers and doing more podcasts on The Disney Nerds Podcast! I hope you will join me for it all!

Now that I’ve knocked your socks off enough for the day, let me close by saying, ‘Thank you.” If you are one of the readers who has followed me from the beginning of this humble little blog or if you just occasionally read when you have time, you are the reason I keep writing. Here’s to you, here’s to us, and here is to a well written new year!

Until next time,