Food Fairies

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I got home from work this afternoon, where I was greeted with dirty dishes in the sink, husky hair all over the family room carpet and furniture (Maxwell has been blowing for about ever now). The first thing that came to mind was Snow White singing a tune and all the animals helping her. Well, I sing all the time and I have yet to see a bird with a feather duster (ooh, would they even?!) or a deer with a dustpan. My husky boys definitely don’t turn their paw for a thing except a ball or pig ear (or fresh dirt in the yard, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball game) and getting my teens and boomerang adult child to do anything at all is like pulling teeth from a goose. There’s a great someEcard about the mom turning into a raving lunatic just to get something done around the house. I didn’t create that one so I am not going to share it, but I did pin it and you can see it HERE.

One thing good today, my food fairies delivered a box of meals for me! Well, not really fairies, but it is food in 3 delicious meals with everything needed to prepare them minus a few pantry items (like oil) and it was delivered right to my door. I wrote about Hello Fresh a while back (you can read it HERE) and it made my day to see the box sitting on the counter when I got home.  Even if the animals didn’t clean my house, the fairies (aka, UPS and the peeps at Hello Fresh) have given me an easy night. The hardest part is trying to choose which of the three it will be! If you’d like a treat, go sign up for a Hello Fresh subscription. The great thing is you don’t have to do them every week. I only get them once or twice a month and I have gone before with not getting one in an entire 2 month period. It is great because it can be on YOUR schedule. I like not being locked into something every week and I love Hello Fresh week because it is a treat for me. With the recipe cards and everything provided, these are easy meals for your teens to prepare (and my kids love to cook). Well how about that? They will do something!! It’s a miracle! Thanks Hello Fresh!

Use my code at Hello Fresh to save $20 on your first box!! MTM98Y