Ice, Ice baby – 12 Things to do in Preparation for an Ice Storm

Ice, Ice baby – 12 Things to do in Preparation for an Ice Storm

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Oh no, it’s #SnowMyGawd2!

Atlanta prepares for the storm!

Ice is coming to The South again, and this time is expected to be worse than we had two weeks ago. We have had some this morning and afternoon and there is a very light dusting on the ground outside my home, but with the mix of rain and sleet, most of it is just mush. What is expected tonight though will be the doozy with lots of ice and snow headed our way.  Our grocery stores look like this:

Why is it always the bread that's first to go?

So you went out and bought tons of food, stocked your woodpile and whatever else to prep for the ice and now you are just waiting? Today I am sharing a few steps that you should go ahead and do before the ice hits.

Remember you should ALWAYS have an emergency kit for no matter what kind of trouble strikes. Keep it full with non-perishable foods for humans and pets, flashlights, batteries, medical supplies and insta-heat packs to name a few items. A quick Google or skim through Pinterest will help you find kits or instructions on making an emergency kit, like this one from that I pinned HERE:

5 Gallon Emergency Bucket

So now, 12 additional steps to make sure you and your family are ready for the ice:

12 tips in preparing for a serious storm


  1. Charge your electronic devices completely (including the portable DVD player sitting in a drawer that your kids no longer use because they have tablets now).;
  2.  If you have electric stove/oven, cook that big pot of soup/chili/sauce you had planned to cook for the storm now (will make reheat easier if loss of power).  Also go ahead and bake any items you need to use the oven for.;
  3.  Flashlights, candles, lanterns ready to be put to use.:
  4.  Go ahead and make certain things are either easier to get to or find like board games, puzzles, coloring books and crayons, camping supplies (we may need those manual can-openers, stoves and propane bottles or sleeping bags by the fireplace).;
  5.  Make your tea, grind your coffee beans. Dig out the French Press. Fill extra jugs of water, even a bathtub.;
  6.  If your water heater is electric, bathe everyone now. If you have long hair or daughters with long hair, braid it after it is washed and mostly dry so it will stay clean for a few days (plus little girls love the mermaid waves after it is taken down).;
  7.  Finish laundry. Don’t get caught with wet laundry that mildews from no power.;
  8.  Get your ‘Close-Off’ room ready. (A close-off room is the room you close off from rest of house to maximize warmth in one area. If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, it’s usually that room.);
  9. Check your bird-feeders for wet food and remove it. Refill with dry.
  10. Make sure your battery-operated emergency radio has fresh batteries. Same goes for flashlights.
  11. Check on the elderly and infirm. Buddy up. Everyone likes to stay in their own homes but many times it is better to have someone else to stick it out with, if for nothing more than extra body heat! Stay with people who have gas heat or cooking and if you live in an apartment and everyone has electric, pool resources together like camping gear, grills to cook on the patio, non-perishable foods, etc.
  12.  Don’t grill inside. Don’t go sit in your car to get warm, especially in an enclosed space. Watch children and pets around flames. Stay home and off the roads. Above all, be safe, Atlanta and remember, we don’t like this weather now? No worries, it will change in a few days! 😉
If you have any additional tips, please share them below in the comments!
Stay warm and I will see ya’ll on the flip side,


Charlotte Dawn