HelloFresh! – A Mosaics Review

HelloFresh! – A Mosaics Review

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Hello readers! Time for a new Foodie Friday! Today, I want to tell you about a great service I recently had an opportunity to try out in my partnership with Mosaic Reviews. 

HelloFresh delivers fresh foods to your door, ready to cook into meals. Located in the Northeast and delivering to areas in 30 states, HelloFresh is much more than a food delivery service; they deliver convenience. 
When I signed on to do this review, I knew nothing about HelloFresh, and honestly thought it was just a grocery delivery service with fresher products which included produce, meats and other perishables. What I found was a delivery service that sends pre-packaged items that correlate to a recipe card included in your delivery box. Each recipe is unique and I can say that none of the dishes we tried were ones we had ever had before, or would have thought of ourselves without the recipe cards. You can see more of how it works HERE
Reviewers were split into four teams, with each team having their own week of service. Because HelloFresh changes the menus every week, each team had different recipes. You can check out more reviews from my team members HERE
The week before my week was scheduled, I went online to HelloFresh.com and easily set up my account and then selected my box, Classic (there is also a Veggie box), and then my menu choices. Deliveries are on Wednesdays or Thursdays depending on your location. There is a cut-off for the next week’s delivery of the Wednesday beforehand, at 11:59PM EST. With the Classic Box, there are three main meal choices and two alternates. If there is a meal you don’t want in the main choices, you can substitute it with an alternate. One of our choices for that week was Spicy Thai Beef and Coconut Rice. I substituted this not because we don’t like Thai, but because we LOVE it and cook it often. I am proud to admit my coconut rice is, as my daughter says, “off the chain!” so I substituted for something we wouldn’t normally have.
 Our box arrived right on time on Wednesday afternoon and was packed well with lots of insulation and large ice packs that kept everything at the right temperatures. I immediately cut open the box and was very pleased with what I found. All items were packaged individually, clearly labeled on which recipe card it corresponds with and with just the right amount for each recipe, meaning nothing goes to waste! All of my produce was in great condition, with no mold, soft spots or limpness. The meats were vaccuum packed and located at the bottom of the box, nearest the ice, keeping each of them at the right temperature throughout transport and the wait time on my front porch. The accompanying items like pastas, canned tomatoes, etc. were all name brand or products I had heard of before. Nothing off the wall, no generic items. At first glance, HelloFresh recieved an A+ from me in quality control. 

A welcome letter, recipe cards and a touch of lagniappe (a little something extra…the $50 Wine card!)
Three recipes with each of their ingredients, packed fresh.

The top level of the box has the produce and accompaniments.
Meat is individually vacuum packed and placed on bottom of box nearest ice packs. 

My three recipes choices for the week were Chicken Polpetti with Penne; Shrimp and Chorizo Stew with Kale and my substitute for Spice Thai Beef was Roasted Pork with Fennel and Leeks. None of the items were strange or new to me, but the recipes themselves provided us new tastes for old flavors.

On our first night, I made the Shrimp and Chorizo Stew for dinner. We eat lots of shrimp, just as much chorizo and have no issues with eating kale (southerners love their greens!) but I would have never thought to put all of these together. I can’t tell you how glad I am now that I do know to put them together though, as we enjoyed this recipe so much we have made it 3 more times since my review week! All of the ingredients were in great condition and paired well together. The meal in itself was very simple to prepare, although because we cook so much that may have helped us so be sure to check out the degree of difficulty in each recipe before you begin. For my family, all three recipes were simple enough that my 13 year old apprentice in the kitchen would have no trouble preparing these dishes, making that a definite plus in my book!

The next night was our Chicken Polpetti with Penne night. I will admit, I have never in my life had a chicken meatball, nor had my kids. All of us were a little apprehensive about ground chicken since it is just not something we ever do, but once again, we were all pleasantly surprised! The chicken was great quality and the meatballs were delicious! Once this was spiced to taste using items we keep on hand in our pantry, this dish was perfect. It didn’t leave us with that full, heavy feeling that beef meatballs often do, and once again the quickness and ease of preparation had us at ‘Hello!’

A few nights went by before we were able to finish our out 3 meals due to schedule and my hubby’s cooking some of his own recipes over the weekend, so I was a bit worried about freshness when I was finally able to cook the last item, the Roasted Pork with Fennel. I didn’t need to worry though, because everything was still just as fresh and in just as good condition as it was when it arrived earlier in the week.

Those chops are HUGE!! 

The chops were very large, quality cuts of meat, trimmed and ready to cook. Once again, all the produce, seasonings and sauces were individually packaged and the recipe card indicated exactly how and where to use each ingredient. After throwing it together in a few minutes and then popping it into the oven to finish cooking, I felt like this should have been harder, but I was so happy that it wasn’t. I don’t eat a lot of pork chops, mainly because I run out of ideas of what to do with them, but after this meal I feel like I have a new pork chop recipe in my arsenal of good foods. The flavors were bold and intense and DELICIOUS!! 

Roasted Pork with Fennel. The flavors in this dish made my mouth very happy!! 
After trying out HelloFresh, I can readily say that this service is fantastic and will be one I use again and again. Because you have the ability to pause your deliveries, you can pick and choose the weeks you want the delivery. A Classic Box for 2 with three meals is $69 a week, with FREE DELIVERY. The Classic Box for 4, also with three meals, is $129 a week. Prices for the vegetarian boxes are less. If there was one complaint I had about the service, it would only be the delivery date. Coming on Wednesday (or Thursday) may work for many, but because my husband spends his weekends cooking, the possibility of one meal hanging over until the beginning of the next week is very strong. Perfection for my family would be a Monday or Tuesday delivery. Nonetheless, the convenience of this service makes up for any type of delivery discrepancy I may have and I am willing to ‘make it work’ in order to save myself some time and headache on the common question, “What’s for dinner, Mom?!”
You can try out HelloFresh yourself and use my referral code: MTM98Y for $20 off your first box. If you do try it out, come back and let me know how you like it. 
Until the next Foodie Friday, drink, eat and be merry!