Happy Star Wars Day!

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Happy Star Wars Day!

I am a huge Star Wars fan, and while today isn’t really a holiday, it is the perfect day for nerds like me around the world to unite in solidarity and talk until we are blue…or green, in the face about Jedi’s, Sith lords, distant planets, characters we love as well as those we love to hate and who has the best star fighters.

When I was in elementary school, the saga had only just begun, so I spent a good bit of time during recess running around to duck behind trees and ‘hide from the Storm Troopers’. I wanted to be a Jedi, but was always relegated to being Leia (I was the only girl playing Star Wars with the boys, so I got stuck with the one and only girl part, which once again reminds me how few women there were in that distant universe!). I even had my own Star Wars toys and ‘action figures’, but only because someone gave them to me. Girls are supposed to have dolls, ya know? I had dolls. But I had model jets, swords, guns and action figures, too. I’m a well-rounded woman. I am southern after all.

I have a even more special love, because my kids call me Yoda. When my son was around 11, I was having to use a cane a lot due to some health and mobility issues from my cancer and lupus, and he started calling me Master Yoda. He said I was short, wise, used a cane but was tougher than people gave me credit for. That was the best compliment, and nickname, ever! It stuck and now ten years later all three of my kiddos call me Yoda. I love it. 🙂

Bug and I at Hollywood Studios. My dream is to have a Star Wars Land!

Because I love Star Wars and Disney both so much, I am super excited about the new possibilities that can come with Disney acquiring LucasFilms. I know a lot of fans out there are grumbling, but I am not one of them. I dream of an entire Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, and I know others do to. I look forward to the future for my favorite republic.

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Have a great day, and May the Fourth be with you!