Second installment of Arrival/First full day update

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Very cool pics and report,

“next morning”,,,?,,Thank you…you know I am enjoying your live report so much, it is making me more encouraged to do mine and not be in the post-Disney funk. Yes, yes…right away. Coming up right now! 

So, the next morning, we wake up and get moving slowly. Thank God that was the plan, because after the previous day I was wiped out and was so thankful I wouldn’t be having to schlep all over a park that day trying to keep up with Little Miss Energy. After goofing around the campsite a little having fruit and coffee, taking a few pictures of the inhabitants of our site and getting to know the neighbor on the other side (Hi, G from Toronto if you’re reading!), we got ourselves ready because she was anstsy TO GO and I was ready to surprise her with a little food treat and check out somewhere new, so we are off….. to Port Orleans! Okay, it wasn’t the Cinderella suite or anything like that, but I read that their CS has beignets and for some reason this child has missed the experience of Cafe du Monde (I MUST rectify that!) and beignets, coffee and a place to sit and watch the world go by in a place where we have never been seemed like a win. Plus, I just REALLY wanted some beignets. lol 

This is the first time I have tried hopping around resorts to check them out, and even though I have seen hundreds of pictures here on the Dis, seeing really is believing. She didn’t know where we were going and asked about a thousand times, but when we pulled up to the gate she stopped talking and started looking. Wow. Isn’t it amazing how even the parking lots of Disney can inspire a hushed awe?! Nice. Real nice. The gate guard welcomed us and directed me to guest parking, then the doormen welcomed us in and hoped we enjoyed our visit enough to stay with them next time. With service like this, why wouldn’t I? Oh…because I am a Fort junkie. That’s why. lol 

We walk in and both DD and I agree that food happens NOW! And so it did. These. OMG….I love these….

So did she:

Of course they aren’t exactly what one would expect after original New Orleans’ beignets, but these do the trick. And they will do their trick a few more times. Mmmm….the simple beignet. So good. I want one now. Must. Quit. Talking. About. Them. 

Moving on….. (and getting away from the thought of beignets, lol) we go for a short walk. 

Met up with a band. The bandleader looks as if he would lead me down the wrong alley. 

This guy is just a lil trippy.

The cymbalist was going to clang on DD’s head:

But he gave up when he realized her head was so hard. They just decided to have a nice portrait done to remember the occasion. 

Came across a jester making jokes in the sun:

And then we spied the rest of the jazz band playing pool side:

Saw the King of the Seas:

Pool looks almost empty:

And then we kept walking a little more:

Well, we basically walked a circle. The sun was high. The day was hot. DTD was still calling our names, so our last picture before heading to DTD where the camera freaked out which leaves us with the end to this additional Arrival/1st full day update. 

Last picture and then we are off again:

Next post….FINALLY, the first park day and first Y.E.S. class. No more interruptions. Haha…as if.

p.s. from now on, I am pretty sure new days will be in at least 2 installments. Trying to write a report without emoticons so I can fit all the pics into one posting is hard! lol Plus, I realize that this may be a little picture heavy, so I will break them down more as we move into park days. Thanks for reading! (and I would smile here, but I have ran out of image room, hahaha!)