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In regards to the last blog post wherein I talked about our arrival and then first full day of our trip; I have an update. Once again, I am posting straight from the message board to here for now. Trust me, I will have blog worthy thoughts about some of the things as we get further into the trip but I wanted to add in the missing pieces before I rush ahead to our first class. I will do this in two posts, one tonight and one tomorrow so the blog doesn’t get weighed down with too many pictures. Here’s a few comments from others, than my addition:

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very much loving it, 

Thank you.

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I love the picture of your DD. LOL. Thanks for the trippie.

Thanks! There will be many more rolled eyes pictures.  Ahh, the joys of adolesence!  

After jumping around and reading other TRs, I realize I didn’t introduce the members of this trip. Some of you may have figured it out, lol, but this trip is just DD11 and I. DS has work/college/getting ready to join the Navy, DD17 is not homeschooled and is a Junior in HS. She is active in several things, plus it was Spirit Week one of the weeks we were gone and she didn’t want to miss any of that. My husband is a non-believer in magic and doesn’t ‘do’ Disney, (we haven’t converted him yet..but he still hasn’t been to the Fort. We’ll get him eventually!) so he stayed home for work. Which is pretty much what he would do anyway. His trips are fishing trips. To Utah. Or Colorado. Montana. Luckily for me I fish too, so the Patagonia and Alaska trips…well, let’s just say I claimed seniority over my son who usually goes with him and I will be doing those excursions instead. 
So, this is the fam: 
(sorry for the mess and icky photo. Camera phone in a dark sushi place with a messy table doesn’t leave me a lot to work with. I’m just happy that we are all in one picture for once.) 

And this is DD and I (and I don’t always wear that shirt, lol, but like I have said in a previous post, there have been lots of people that have passed away these past few weeks so it has gotten worn often): 

Small addition update to Arrival day and day 2:
Remember the lost camera card I spoke of? Well, lo and behold, I got it to upload and I am so glad I did, because without it I completely had forgotten what we did before we went to DTD on day 2! I also was able to recover a few of the pics of DD doing the slide at the pool, so am happy to add those in, too.

Line doesn’t look too long for slide: 

Here is DD enjoying the slide: 

Ahh, yeah…now that feels good! 

After a little swim time, we carted over to Trails End to fill up our mugs (yes, I did break down and buy them this time) and we paused to look around a few minutes. Because anything that blings, brings! 

And for the 1st time, but definitely not the last, the words are uttered, “oooh, Mom, I want this!” lol 

We walked over to the Tri Circle D to say hi to the horses but they were already put away. Still like the sign though.

Clouds started to roll in, so we decided to go get dressed so we can come back to TE for dinner. 

But first a few pictures of the carriage carrying….CMS? They look deep in conversation. 🙂

I love this so much, I gave it a pencil finish, too: 

After a quick presto-chango, back to TE for dinner. DD waiting for our server to come.

A yummy, comfort food dinner after the day we had was just the ticket! Our waitress, Serena, was ever so pleasant, so we had to get a picture with her. 

She even took one (or two) of us. 

This one I made antique, as if it was 1971 when we were visiting. I do this a lot so be warned. I just think it vibes with the 40th Birthday celebration. 

Next post….what we did the next morning that I am so glad my camera made me remember….