I stink at Blogging

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“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”- Epictetus

I must acknowledge that I am a horrible blogger. I know this because I am a horrible communicator. I get busy, entangled in everyday life on top of being a bottle it all up, keep it all inside kind of person. Because of this I don’t say anything unless I have something good to say (or wise, funny, witty…you get the idea). If there are troubles, I let no one know about them and continue smiling and faking it until I crack. Well, my shell has finally cracked and I promise to whom ever may be reading this that I will write, I will share and I will ‘blog’ like I said I would. My horrible communication skills, or lack thereof, when it comes to important and sometimes not so important things, will stop here and now. This is my awakening. I am a writer, and write I shall. This is my tale and here is my venue to tell it. Tomorrow (actually later today) I shall provide you with some hopefully good reading material. Thanks for waiting me out.