LUZIA Atlanta Cirque du Soleil - A Mother Daughter Date Night Review - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen

LUZIA Atlanta! Cirque du Soleil is here – Mother daughter date night fun!

It is time, time to awaken to the dream that is LUZIA!

You may recall I wrote recently about the newest Cirque du Soleil show, LUZIA, and its tour stopping here in my hometown of Atlanta. I recently got the chance to attend one of the shows with my teen daughter, Bug, and we had the best time! LUZIA Atlanta is an evening like no other! 

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Fall for Fun! Agritourism in Georgia with printables! - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen #exploregeorgiafarms #gaagritourism

Fall for Agritourism in Georgia – Farm fun plus printables!

Fall for Fun! – Agritourism in Georgia

Agritourism. You may have heard the word before but never really stopped to think about it. What is agritourism? And how is agritourism in Georgia helping both producers and consumers in this ever-changing world?

Combining agriculture with tourism, agritourism brings the people to the plains, prairies, fields and dales. Farms throughout Georgia have opened their (barn) doors and now welcome us city folk to experience fun like we haven’t seen round these parts in many a year!

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What we plant, we get back. Plant that which beautifies the world, not those things that make it ugly. - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen

Do you – Staying in your lane on the road to a happy life

Do You

The only thing you need to do in life is You. You do You. But do You in such a way that when you’re not around, people have nothing but good to say about You. Do You in a way that when the end of your dash comes, all the good of You is remembered and told for those to come after You. Do You that helps Them, and makes Them want to be their own best You. Do You, but make it the very best You that you possibly can.

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Luzia! – Cirque du Soliel is coming to Atlanta! Discount code and Giveaway offer

For 34 years, Cirque du Soleil has been dazzling us, leaving us spellbound with mouths agape. In its 38th and newest show, LUZIA Cirque du Soleil Atlanta takes us across the border! Are you ready to see this newest production? I have a special discount code and a giveaway! Keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of the special offer or even win a family pack of 4 tickets!

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Living like a Queen at Waldorf Astoria Orlando - Just Peachy Keen with the Peachy Queen

Living like a Queen at Waldorf Astoria Orlando

I recently had the great opportunity to attend a very large blogging conference, BlogHer 17, in Orlando, Florida. There were so many reasons I was thrilled to attend, but if you know me, you know one of my top reasons to attend was because it would be taking place at Walt Disney World! Even though it wasn’t going to be happening in the parks, it was bound to be full of magic! 

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